Vietnamese Persuasion

What do you get when you combine bustling cosmopolitan cities, lush green rice fields, floating markets and villages, rich war history and great beach escapes. Well, the answer is…Vietnam! I must admit, I didn’t know much about this country in South East Asia at the time and I had to be persuaded to travel to … More Vietnamese Persuasion

An Italian Affair

I absolutely love everything about Italy. The historic city of Rome, the beautiful Tuscan country side, the enduring tradition of art and culture and Italy is of course a foodie’s paradise. Italy will challenge all of your senses and will leave a long lasting impression. I was in Italy for a short six days in … More An Italian Affair

A leap of faith – Skydiving for the fearful

I intentionally titled this piece “for the fearful” because I don’t consider myself a daredevil nor am I fearless. Skydiving is crazy right? The fact that humans decide to jump from a moving aircraft must surely sound crazy. Well apparently I’m one of those crazy humans because I decided to leap from a moving aircraft. … More A leap of faith – Skydiving for the fearful